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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Camero" is an up and coming R&B Singer and Actor most notably known for BET's "Reed Between The Lines" Season 1.  He has been branded as R&B's next chart-topping young artist. Camero has a following of all ages, especially his amazing Twitter followers who support and promote him DAILY!

Camero's  current XM Radio heavy rotation single, "Talk About It" , is available on iTunes, Amazon, & Google's Play store. The single has reached a variety of ages with a message listeners can relate to and consider catchy enough to want to hear it again. Look to see more of Camero in 2013!

Contact Information
Twitter- @IamCamero

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Joseph Johnson...Man of Many Talents

1.  How did you get started in fitness modeling?

I have always been active as a child by participating sports such as tae kwon do, basketball, and football. At age 12, I took my fitness to another level with weightlifting and powerlifting. I started modeling at age 17 in a competition called American Mall Model Search which I was declared the winner and networked on

 2. How long have you been into fitness?

I have love fitness as a child by particpating in sports such as tae kwon do, basketball, and football.  At age 12, I took my fitness to another level with weightlifting and powerlifting.  Weightlifting and powerlifting helped me to taught me self disclpine on taking actions towards myself.
3. What have you achieved while being in the industry?
I accomplished quite a bit in the fitness amore in the near future. Here are a list of my accomplishments so far:
2012 NPC Southern States Teen Men's Physique-1st Place
(Inaugural Winner)

2012 Model Universe Competitor
Youngest Competitior-Age 19

2012 USA Powerlifting Deadlift South Florida Open Champion
RAW American Record-545lbs RAW Deadlift (Teens 18-19)

2010 America Mall Model Search Winner

2009 USA Powerlifting Push/Pull Deadlift National Champion (Teens 16-17) nd modeling industry.  I plan to accomplish

4. What are your future goals and plans?
Here is a list of my future goals and plans:
-Obtain a master's degree in dietetics/nutrition to become a Sports Dietitian for the NFL and NBA
-Become a IFBB Professional Physique Competitor by competiting and countinue to be an inspiration in the fitness industry
-Compete in the 2017 World Games in powerlifting by training to enhance my strength and endurance 
-Improve my personal training business, JJ FIT to become successful by networking and collaborating with entrepreneurs
-Become a successful model in magazines, billboards, and etc. by being an inspiration towards people to fell  
self-confident and self-acceptance

5. What three words describe you and your career?
The three words to describe myself would be humbleness, passionate, and strong.  A person who is humble shows respect to themselves and other people without being arrogant.  Passion shows how eager an individual has toward something they love doing.  The word strong shows durability of a person on how mentality strong they are through struggles towards their goal.  These words describes me of the person I am today.

6.What degree are you pursing while in college?
Currently, I am pursing my associate degree in dietetics at Miami Dade College in Miami, FL.  I plan to graduate in late 2013, then transfer to Florida International University to obtain my bachelor's degree.  The highest degree I plan to achieve in 4-5 years is a master's degree in dietetics/nutriton.  My dream is to become a Sports Dietitian for the NFL and NBA.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ramal..... Hollywood's Newest Heartthrob
1. How were you discovered in the industry?

I had great help from a guy name Derrick Chatman we really just networked and put in a lot of hours to market me and get me noticed. I'll never forget the people who helped me along the way.

2.What are some of your greatest achievements?
 I think the best is yet to come with me the one thing I would definitely say is just being able to keep it moving its so competitive in this industry so if you cant stay on top of the competition then you want last long.

3. What would be your dream job?
Becoming a successful business man and being one of the top male models in the world. 

4. Who are some of your influences?
My Dad, Roderick Sanders because he always taught me if you work hard enough you can have whatever you want. Everyday he shows me exactly how to be a man. He's definitely my family's backbone and that's what kind of man I want to be.  My Pastor Nathaniel Best & Mom Sara Sanders because they both are always there for me and if I ever need any advice I can go to them both. Also, My Twin Cordney Sanders we have a unbreakable bond and he teaches me what a true friend is.  It's always important to help and care for others.You never know what someone might be going through so I always keep that in mind and strive to help anybody i can. 

5.What other talents and skills do you have?
I'm very athletic.. I've played pro football.. I can sing and dance.. I also  drag race motorcycles & ride motorcycles..

6. How do you deal with balancing celebrity life?
I just try to stay focused on the task at hand and remember my role and the position that I have in what I do.

7.How do you feel being managed by a team that represents some of the premier talent in the industry?
I feel good i knew it was time for my modeling career to transform and God blessed me with a great management team and I'm just ready to get started.

8. What are your upcoming future plans?
I'll let God decide that but as for now I'm going to create amazing art that inspire people worldwide.

For management & bookings contact:
(318) 272-3710

Twitter: Ramal__Rls

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Darrin Henson- The Multi-Talented Mogul

Darrin Henson, known to the world as "Lem","Grant", and "Jim Brown" just to name a few, is a critically acclaimed Actor/Choreographer/Producer/Author/Philanthropist, but above all Darrin Henson is a Thinker.  He has worked with some of the greatest celebrities in the world, such as, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Britney Spears,  Prince and Michael Jackson. His top selling book, "Intimate Thoughts", a spoken word book, is a literary journey for the poetically fit. For those unafraid to travel beyond normal "roles", this anthology of poems, pictures, and powerful utterances is for you. Darrin's poetry will move the soul and call the visionary into action. Each line he pens stands as a voice in search for authentic truth. In Darrin's eyes, great minds not only recite others' lines, but great minds design their own. Read along and discover a real-life portrayal of the thoughts that violate, liberate and inundate Darrin's mind on a day-to-day basis.

Expect to see even more of Mr. Henson while on his "Intimate Thoughts"Tour which is expected to be coming to all 50 states , teaching top notch choreography, and on television & movie screens worldwide.

 For more information and to purchase his book, "Intimate Thoughts" check out

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Isacc Cates & Ordained

Isaac Cates & Ordained

In life there are many talented individuals whose musical gifting and expressionism appears effortless to audiences. Some are born with these gifts while others are trained to become great minstrels and psalmists. However, there are those who are exceptionally blessed to marry their natural gifting with their learned skills to become known as “masters” of their craft! Having been compared to Oscar Peterson, Thomas Whitfield and Richard Smallwood, Isaac S. Cates emerges on the gospel music scene as an artist with an astonishing musical knowledge, skill and unparalleled creativity that places second, only to his passion for ministry. Born in Kansas City, Kansas and affectionately known as a child prodigy, Isaac has always shown a great interest in music. With a strong spiritual foundation laid by his parents, Isaac’s participation in the music ministry at his local home church began at a very young age of four, as did his formal training. Trained in piano performance, writing and composition, having studied piano performance and Choral conducting at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in his short life. He has won numerous accolades in local, state, regional and national competitions earning him various awards and recognitions as one of the most skilled and talented musical gifts to the world. Isaac has served as workshop clinician abroad, teaching vocal diction and serving as adjudicator for several vocal, instrumental and composition seminars and competitions....

In 2004, Isaac partnered with a colleague; Anthony M. Harvey to form a small music ensemble of skilled vocalists whose musical diversity and remarkable vocal ability would set them apart as premier trendsetters in the national gospel music industry. In a short time this group of singers (known as “Ordained”) has accomplished great things. Collectively, Isaac Cates and Ordained have appeared in concerts and been featured alongside many gospel artists including: Kevin Bond, (producer), Pastor Kevin Bond, Vashawn Mitchell, Rodney Bryant, Melonie Daniels, Richard Smallwood, James Bignon, DeWayne Woods, James Fortune, Tobbi White-Darks, Tommie White, Chrystal Rucker, Kim Burrell, Professor James Hall, Byron Cage, Darnell Davis, George Huff, Oscar Williams, Gary Mayes, Pastor Marvin Sapp, Angela Spivey, Lillian Loyd, Lejeune Thompson, Cedric Thompson, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Mark Hubbard, Kirk Whalum, Nolan Williams, Bobby Watson, the late Rev. Timothy Wright, Pastor Shirley Caesar and others.

In 2006, Isaac Cates and Ordained released their independent debut project entitled “Take My Life”, which received substantial airplay on Christian/Gospel radio stations around the nation. In November 2007, Isaac Cates and Ordained recorded their second LIVE project (a CD/DVD recording) “Amazed ” at the First Family Church which features Tobbi White-Darks and Tommie White of Donald Lawrence & Company, Melonie Daniels and Chrystal Rucker along with other great industry gifts. Presently, Isaac is writing and appearing on numerous gospel and instrumental recordings, frequently traveling and ministering across the country while still managing to serve as Full time Minister of Music at Concord Fortress of Hope Church (Kansas city, MO) and continues to maintain an active schedule as an educator, conductor, composer, director and Producer. Isaac was recruited as one of the Teaching Artists at the Community School of the Arts, a private school sponsored by Kansas City Young Audiences (, to teach music theory and songwriting, Vocal music teacher at A.C.E high school and in 2010 Served as Music Director Andrew Lloyd webber's "Jesus Christ Superstar". Keep your ears and eyes open, your heart ready to receive, and your soul prepared to embrace the anointed, skillful and highly sought-after music ministry of Isaac Cates & Ordained!

Check them out at:






Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jarrod...The Next Big Superstar

Here is J-Harris's new artist Jarrod, Urban Rock/Pop
singer/songwriter/producer from ATL who is currently being heavily
sought after from many labels. His new website and hot new single
"Throw It" is debuting NOW at JARRODROCKS.COM! Get into the next
big superstar!

A new artist from Atlanta is on the forefront of a musical revolution
that will forever change the landscape of pop culture. Jarrod Young,
or simply JARROD, is the phenomenon that has a musical palate that is
as eclectic as his style. He has been delighting audiences across the country since he made his debut at the age of 19.

The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of
musical and creative influence. As the rebel in a family full of
professionals, it was evident that JARROD marched to the beat of his
own drum from the time he took his first steps. His family encouraged
his wild child nature and individuality. Even while tucked away at
North Carolina A&T, JARROD knew that music was his true calling. After
performing in local shows, his buzz began to grow and JARROD decided
to totally devote himself to his music.

JARROD is keen on pointing out that everything he listens to directs
his musical development in some way. He counts N.E.R.D., Kid Rock,
David Bowie, Bob Marley, Destiny’s Child and Lil’ Jon as some of his
biggest influences. The songs on his first album, Confessions of a
Parti Animal, are a combination of electrifying guitar playing and
rhythmic vocals. It’s a non-stop party anthem punctuated throughout
with elements of reggae, hip-hop, punk, rock, pop and Soul.

JARROD has opened for Wale, The Clipse, and the Grammy Winning R&B
group, Boyz II Men. He has been featured on multiple albums and
recorded the team roster song for the WNBA Atlanta Dream (2005-2007).

His schedule is increasing relentlessly, and he is finding himself
more in demand than ever in venues and festivals across the country.
Music lovers everywhere are building an appreciation for his sound and
talent, and he is steadily growing a loyal army of fans wherever he

JARROD will release his anticipated follow-up CD, ROADTRIP this year.
With the album expected to be a success and fame imminent, the
exciting, innovative sound that he has made his own is certain to
propel him to a mainstream audience. JARROD really does ROCK.

Contact: J-Harris

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"J-Harris" Behind the Stage & Center Stage

Joey “J-Harris” Fleming is a leading international entertainment
consultant, who is an artist development expert, event & showcase
producer, brand-marketing specialist, publicist,
casting director, vocal & stage coach,singer/songwriter, actor/model.

He is a New York native, who has been making a
huge impact in the music industry in front of and behind the scenes
for over 10 years. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia, and
has earned his Masters in Music Business from New York University.

Joey is currently the VP of Artist Development/A&R for
BirchStreetMusic, a leading A&R/Artist Development consulting firm.
His specialty includes:
• Working hands on with clients to distinctively set them apart from
their competition, through their live stage show, music, message,
image, online presence. He also does one on one voice/artist
development coaching sessions in person or through skype with his
clients, with the ultimate goal of developing the client as a total
package for presentation to labels and beyond.
• Building the right exceptional team of professionals who will play
an intricate role in the clients’ development. This includes
connecting the client to the industry’s top producers, songwriters,
choreographers, vocal coaches, dancers, musicians, videographers,
photographers, stylists, publicists, and bloggers and negotiating
rates that work within their budget.
• Executive producing and creatively directing EPK’S, photo shoots,
video shoots, listening sessions/focus groups, and red carpet industry

Some of his current clients range from pop/country singer/model Nicole
Miner (Miss New Mexico), Que from MTV’s Day 26,
singer/songwriter/actress Sophia Nicole from Broadways Lion King
(, and Urban Rock singer/songwriter, Jarrod from ATL
who is currently being sought after by many major labels

Joey is also a consultant to Jive, SONY/BMG, Universal, Music World,
Chamber of Commerce, and his father’s law firm,
Joseph Fleming ESQ. P.C. As an Entertainment Consultant and former
Product Manger for Jive Records, SONY/BMG, Joey has the pleasure of
working with some of the industries top artists including Beyonce,
Lauryn Hill, Kirk Franklin, Jill Scott & Nelly to name a few.

In addition to being President & CEO of his own consulting firm and
entertainment company, Maschil Entertainment, Inc., Joey is the
creator, producer and host of NYC’s top live art, music and
entertainment show “LoveJonesNYC”, which was recently featured on VH1
and sponsored by VIBE Magazine. This multi-talented entrepreneur also
hosts and produces the most exclusive private red carpet industry
showcases and networking events throughout the nation.

In performance mode, as an artist/model, J-Harris was featured in
Beyonce’s “I AM…World Tour”, on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop”, headlined at
the world famous Apollo, and appeared frequently on the Tyra Banks
Show as one of “Tyra’s Hunks” and as “Sexy Bailiff J-Harris.”
Spotlighted in Billboard Magazine, ESSENCE, VIBE & People Magazine,
J-Harris has made special appearances in videos by Jill Scott,
Beyonce, and Letoya Luckett. He’s performed with Janelle Monae, Trey
Songz, Boys II Men, En Vogue, Swiss Beatz, and more.

J-Harris is the Celebrity Spokesperson for the National Anti-Domestic
Violence Organization, an organization whose mission is to abate
domestic violence. His original song “I’ll Make It Up To You” serves
as the organization’s theme song.

He just recently just finished walking in several high fashion shows
for New York’s Fashion Week. And has been working closer with his
acting coach ever since getting a call and a final call back from
Tyler Perry for some of his upcoming productions.

ESSENCE magazine described J-Harris as “The Perfect Gentlemen” and “An
artist with a voice of change”. VH1 called his LoveJonesNYC events,
“Addicting”. Joey’s long time mentor, Dr. Ben Chavis, President of
Russell Simmons Hip Hop Summit, has deemed him as “The New Renaissance

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Joey H. Fleming aka J-Harris